Bia's qualified team offers new services for those who are interested in establishing a new company, expanding the existing one, expanding business on international market and for those who want to effectively manage their business and receive updated analytical information about the market.
BIA Consulting services are especially interesting for companies, that are interested in market research, increasing sales, finding potential clients.
Market Analysis
  • Defining potential of the growth
  • Analysis of the companies on market
  • Measurement of the market share of competitors
  • Defining target
B2B Research
  • Identification of research topics
  • Preparing list of respondent companies based on BIA database
  • Preparing a questionnaire
  • Selecting survey type
  • Research and analysis
  • Additional Information sources: Department of Statistics/ State structures / Search engines
  • Email Marketing Survey
    • Preparing and sending questionnaires
    • Providing statistics - How many respondents received/filled/rejected a questionnaire
    • Interviewing respondents who do not fill questionnaires (Telephone Interviews)
    • Research analysis and recommendations
  • Telephone Interviews
    • Preparing questionnaires and interviewing respondents
    • Providing statistics - How many respondents received/filled/rejected a questionnaire
    • Research analysis and recommendations
  • Focus Group
    • Determination of research issues
    • Organizing survey
    • Research analysis and recommendations
Developing a strategy for sales groth
  • Preparing database of potential clients and defining the specificity of working with them
    Information implies working files with contact information.
  • Selection of communication channels for clients with analysis of the expected results.
    Depending on the specifics, BIA consultants will offer you customized communication channels for your product / service.
  • Preparing simple and flexible crm platform.
  • Creating KPI for sales group
    BIA offers a customer relationship management system, which will help you to understand needs of customers, get the right decisions when developing the sales strategy, plan the correct strategy for customer relationship and increase sales.
  • Organizing trainings for sales team.
    Bia's partner companies and their experienced sales trainers will train your company's sales team.
Research organised by BIA Consulting is prepared based our online database. The relevant criteria will be selected and the relevant information will be retrieved due to customer needs.
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