About Us

JSC BIA is a leading supplier of company profiles, marketing lists, and business field surveys to local and foreign investors. BIA manages the largest and continuously updated business information database of all registered companies in Georgia. BIA provides information to potential investors on local business climate and investment opportunities. BIA is a partner of the world’s leading business information companies.

BIA also runs constantly updated business information about more than 300mln companies in more than 165 countries worldwide: company profiles, marketing lists, corporate structure e.t. BIA will assist you to find, evaluate and check your potential and existing partners, analyze your business risks and develop your business.

Company was founded by National Credit Information Bureau LTD which started introduction of business information technologies in 2002 to facilitate development of business environment on local market. BIA has established itself as an innovative and growing company in business information field. In 2005 NCIB - the founder of BIA - with partners founded “Creditinfo Georgia”. Through this time, BIA established a partnership with world known companies as D&B (Duns and Bradstreet) and Kompass International.

Our Team
  • Director
    Aieti Kukava
  • Head of Sales Department and Business Information Management Team
    Nutsa Otiashvili
Eto Gabatashvili
Department Coordinator in Business Information Processing
Tamar Tvaradze
Department Coordinator in Business Information Processing
Mancho PetruzaSvili
Monitoring Manager of Business Information
Lika Nikolaishvili
Chief Specialist in Business Information Processing
Salome Pataridze
Specialist in Business Information Processing
Ana Matsiashvili
Specialist in Business Information Processing
Ana Arjevanidze
Sales Group Chief
Maia Amashukeli
Sales Manager
Tamar Goguadze
Sales Manager
BIA Consulting Team
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